Ever since I tried tofu, I was fascinated to it. Its softness, juiciness and even its aroma can hunt you all throughout the week. Well, who would have thought that a carnivorous creature like me would love to eat tofu? I guess, this is reason why I tried to eat RAMENBOY’S AGEDASHI TOFU. Moreover, I plan to eat different kinds of tofu in order for me to replenish my cravings.


So guys, wanna join me on my journey as I discover different kinds of tofu? Why not we all start at RamenBoy? You’ll definitely not regret it. ^_^


Damosa Business Park, Lanang Davao City


Minasan! You know what a fan-sign is?

Well if you don’t, you’ll miss out this exciting event we will launch ^^/

This time, we are going to have a FAN SIGN MAKING CONTEST!

Well minna, the criteria’s just simple,

You need to make a fansign for MKD Nihongo Radio ^^/

You can dedicate it to the radio itself, to your favorite DJ, or favorite AD (that includes me, AD Milkshot of course XD), to the Producer, or to the Director XD

BUT! You need to make it as creative, as cool, as WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW as you can ^^

We will only be picking 5, I REPEAT, 5 WINNERS of our choice, so guys do your best =w=b

As for those who didn’t won, don’t worry! ALL OF THE FAN SIGNS WILL BE SEEN BY THE STAFF AND WILL BE UPLOADED IN OUR OFFICIAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT so yes, You can let the world (lol) know how much you love MKD Nihongo Radio =w=b

And of course, what’s a contest without a prize?

Winners will be given a gift card from Ramen Boy worth Php 200.oo. COOL ! Just by making a fan-sign  you can get a free food at Ramen Boy. OOOH YEAH RAMEN BABY XD

To submit your entry, you need to:

Step 1: Make a fan-sign, take a picture of it with yourself.

Step 2: Set your entry as .jpeg.

Step 3: Submit it to


Oh yeah,  I wonder what will the fan-signs look like =w=b Will there be a fan-sign dedicated to me? LOL (SLAPPED) *<*

Anyways~,  What are you waiting for? Submit your entries to us now!






Do you want to experience how the Japanese eat their lunch?

Then how about you try Ramen Boy’s Bento Series?

Ramen Boy’s Chicken Katsu bento is mixed with sliced breaded chicken topped with chopped lettuce; it goes well with the soy sauce and mustard served with it.

It has also rice and sided with bean stalk salad, making your bento a balanced meal!!!

Adding to that, you can choose a side dish for you to munch on later, be it 4 pieces of Maki or 2 pieces Gyoza.


Damosa Business Park, Lanang Davao City




If you’re a fan of spicy tofu dishes, then RamenBoy’s got a treat for you!

The MABO TOFU BENTO  box is exactly what it says it is and much more!

Spicy tofu with ground beef set on lettuce leaves, complimented with a vegetable salad (cabbage, bean sprouts and bell peppers), rice (the perfect compliment!) and a side dish of your choice- either 2 pieces of Gyoza (Japanese dumplings) or 4 pieces of pieces of Kani Maki (crab sticks with scrambled eggs and cucumber wrapped in dried seaweed and sushi rice).

Like all of RamenBoy’s other bento box sets it’s a well balanced meal that delights the stomach as much as the taste buds (Recommendation: open your meal with the 8 piece Kani Maki Dish (80 pesos) and choose the Gyoza side dish for your bento box – quite the hearty meal!)


Damosa Business Park, Lanang Davao City

MABO RAMEN 「マーボラーメン」

I’m not used to eating tofu but in spite of it, i tried ordering Mabo Ramen since I’m a really big fan of ramen.

And boy was I surprised! The ramen has lots of tofu cubes in it but if you eat it, the tofu tastes as savory as the soup itself.

And of course, the noodles is thick and firm, blends perfectly with the savory soup and tofu cubes.

Overall, it is a good serving of ramen especially for those who are addicted to tofu and want to eat it with a Japanese twist.

-AD Milkshot


Damosa Business Park, Lanang Davao City



This Chahan fried rice is delicious and authentic tasting.

Gomoku Chahan is a Japanese style stir fried rice with squid, prawn, scallop, crab stick, egg, and mixed vegetables.

In Japan, it is often the final destination for the week’s leftovers (for most of the households.)

But of course, in RamenBoy, everything is fresh.

In every serving, I think there’s 800 grams of sodium, which helps control blood pressure and blood volume.

It is also needed for your muscles and nerves to work properly. Ψ(´▽`)Ψ


Damosa Business Park, Lanang Davao City

Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko「髪がもし白くなろうとも」

YouTube Preview Image

Japanese lyrics by: DJ Ichi
Sung by: DJ Tee and DJ Kin

This song is one of MKD Nihongo Radio’s corner entitled OPM de Nihongo.
The purpose of this corner is to choose an OPM song from the requested lists of the listeners and it will be given a Japanese twist/version.

ENJOY!!!  (☆^O^☆)

P.S. This song was not literally translated in Japanese.

Here’s the link:

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RAMENBOY 「ラーメンボーイ」

Want to experience the most delicious food in Japan?
Don’t have the time and money for travel?
Here in Davao, Ramen is just a ride away!
Now you can taste the most appetizing, delectable, delightful, exquisite, fit for king, good, gratifying, heavenly, mouthwatering, palatable, savory, scrumptious, spicy, sweet, well-seasoned ramen in the universe!
No exaggerating, just simply stating the facts.
So go ahead and try!!!
Damosa Business Park, Lanang Davao City

宇宙戦隊NOIZ (Uchusentai NOIZ) – Narda PV

Guess what? We have a surprise to all the NOIZ fans.

Did you know that they covered one of the hit songs of our very own Pinoy Rock Band ‘KAMIKAZEE’??

It’s “Narda” ! Take a look! ♥


YouTube Preview Image

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