Thank you for listening our radio programs

Avid listeners!!

Thank  you for listening our radio programs.

If  you have any requests and suggestions about our program, please text or email us.


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7 Responses to “Thank you for listening our radio programs”

  1. James より:

    ..Thank you MKD NIHONGO RADIO STATION!!! :) ..i learned a lot..hoping that you would upload some of your horror stories(Youkaiyuurei)..i really liked that..and please continue opm de nihongo..Its great..tnx..more powers.. :)

    • aibee より:

      Thank you for listening to our program!
      Hmm. Regarding OPM de Nihongo, we’re still working it right now.
      Busy kase masyado yung mga staff kaya walang time masyado for practice.
      I hope you’ll still continue listening even though walang OPM de Nihongo.^_^

  2. Princess より:

    hello po :) ))) , evNings ! hinahanap ko po sa program list nyo yung mga horror stories, bkit po wla ? ang nkita ko lng ay ang ‘MUKASHIBANASHI’.. sna mbasa nyo po itong msg. ko … tnx po !!!! more power to ur program & GODbless! :) ))))))))

    • aibee より:

      Hi Princess!
      About our horror stories corner, we actually wanted to upload it here.
      However, we might encounter problems with regard to the copyright of the music that we used in this corner.
      I hope you can understand us regarding this matter. ^^
      If you want to listen more about Rasenkaidan (the name of the Horror corner),
      just listen to MKD Nihongo Radio every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
      Thank you! :)

  3. Fate より:

    Please po i-expand nyo yung radio station nyo sa metro manila,,gusto ko po mkinig sa station nyo..I’m from manila and then marami ring otaku dto i’m sure matutuwa sila if magkakaroon kayo ng station dito..thanks and god bless

  4. jealene より:

    konnichiwa! im jealene of r.castillo.
    nakikinig kami ng sister mae ko now!

    We are really a fan of your station at cguro sa kahiligan namin sa anime at jdrama ay gusto naming matuto ng japanese language kaso hindi kami marunong thanks to your show at natututo na kami slight. hahaha!

    hindi talaga kami natutulog ng ate ko hanggat hindi kami naka-tune in sa station nyo! please play the favorite song namin! any of the two poh!

    kimi to zutto by yu-yu!
    aitai by yuzu!

    hope na ma-play nyo ang song request namin.
    More powers sa station nyo! Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    please visit this link to play the requested song:

    any of the 2 lang poh!

    • Aibee より:

      (Itsumo Nihongo Rajio wo kiite kurete, arigatou gozaimasu.)
      Thank you for always listening to Nihongo Radio.

      Don’t worry we will try to play your requested song.
      We are very grateful to have listeners like you and your sister.
      Please keep on listening!♥

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