If you’re a fan of spicy tofu dishes, then RamenBoy’s got a treat for you!

The MABO TOFU BENTO  box is exactly what it says it is and much more!

Spicy tofu with ground beef set on lettuce leaves, complimented with a vegetable salad (cabbage, bean sprouts and bell peppers), rice (the perfect compliment!) and a side dish of your choice- either 2 pieces of Gyoza (Japanese dumplings) or 4 pieces of pieces of Kani Maki (crab sticks with scrambled eggs and cucumber wrapped in dried seaweed and sushi rice).

Like all of RamenBoy’s other bento box sets it’s a well balanced meal that delights the stomach as much as the taste buds (Recommendation: open your meal with the 8 piece Kani Maki Dish (80 pesos) and choose the Gyoza side dish for your bento box – quite the hearty meal!)


Damosa Business Park, Lanang Davao City

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